The Presenters at Fishing DownUnder live and breathe fishing.

With an incredible amount of fishing experience between them, the team of presenters at Fishing DownUnder are more than equipped to inspire, educate motivate and entertain anglers of all ages.

Andrew Badullovich

From the creeks to the blue water around the far south coast of NSW, Andrew Badullovich knows it like the back of his hand! Residing in Merimbula with his wife and three children, Andrew really enjoys touching base with recreational anglers and their families, sharing advice, techniques and his passion for fishing – through print magazines and Fishing DownUnder

Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling

Steve Starling is Australia’s best-known and most prolific fishing writer, having published over 20 books, thousands of magazine articles and scores of DVDs and videos.

Starlo (Steve Starling) was a co-presenter on the “Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures” TV show through the 1990s and is today increasingly active in on-line recreational angling media, Including Fishing DownUnder.

Peter Morse

Any one who’s had anything to do with fly fishing in Australia over the last 30 years would know who Peter is. As the presenter of the popular SBS television series Wildfish, Peter has shown us many of his favourite fishing locations, introduced the local identities and even caught a fish or two in the process. He’s also a renowned fishing journalist and author, having been published in many Australian and international fishing journals as well as writing several books on fly fishing – and of course showing our viewers the art of fly fishing and why he’s so passionate.

John Haenke

John Haenke, producer of Fishing DownUnder, has over 40 years experience in television production, both behind the camera and in the edit suite, his experience is unsurpassed. His passion for television production and for fishing led to John to specialize in programmes on recreational fishing. Wildfish, a series produced by John and featuring Peter Morse, was aired on SBS and widely broadcast overseas. John was Director of Photography for 5 years on Escape with ET, and then started The Fishing DVD – Fishing DownUnder. His wealth of fishing experience was too good to leave behind the camera, so over the past few years John has also been sharing his knowledge in front of the camera.

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