Fishing DownUnder is proud to be associated with Yamaha, Isuzu and Mustad.

“Yamaha Motor Australia is delighted to be involved with the Offshore Productions Fishing DVD series. The Yamaha product is receiving excellent real working exposure, resulting in greatly increased results for Yamaha and the dealer network.”

Brett Hampson, Yamaha Australia



Isuzu Ute Australia have formed an exciting partnership with Fishing DownUnder. Isuzu vehicles are reliable, fuel efficient with great towing and 4 wheel drive capabilities – a must-have for the crew when they need to get to some of their out of the way fishing destinations!

John Haenke from Fishing Downunder has driven nearly 200,000 kilometres in his Isuzu Utes – from QLD west to Exmouth in WA, to the Snowy Mountains in the south and Cairns to the north, off-road as well as on the highways, towing boats big and small. Go anywhere, and take your family with you!

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Yamaha first appeared on the cover artwork of our very first edition of The Fishing DVD. Offshore Productions have fitted Yamaha Motors on all their boats since the late 70’s – they believe they are simply the best and most reliable outboard motor on the market today.

Yamaha motors offer everything you need for success in Australian Waters, with features such as, big power, proven reliability and maximum fuel economy – there is no better choice.

Yamaha – Outboard Excellence!

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Mustad is the best selling hook brand on the planet and has a presence in more than 160 countries.

Mustad products cover any discipline of sport and commercial fishing, industrial as well as traditional fishing.

Where and whenever you go fishing there’s a good chance that the fish hooks you are using are made by Mustad. For more than 125 years, Mustad has been known as the world’s largest manufacturer of fish hooks

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Since the early 1980’s the Australian brand Mako Eyewear has been producing high quality polarised sunglasses. From humble beginnings MAKO quickly became an iconic Australian brand due to their focus on quality and innovation. By focusing on the marine market the quality of MAKO was quickly recognised as there is no other environment as harsh on eyewear. The marine market and proliferation of the brand into other sporting markets also demanded unparalleled lens technology and again MAKO delivered.

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TT Lures are highly regarded for their quality and innovation. As well as producing Australia’s
most comprehensive range of jigheads, with over 350 hook and weight combinations, TT also
manufacture Australia’s most popular range of blades, the polycarbonate Ghostblade and metal
Switchblade with over 150 weight and colour combinations. There are also over 180 weight,
colour and blade combinations across the Vortex, Striker, Tornado and FroggerZ spinnerbait
range, plus a range of Maxvibe inline spinners, Flash Point Tail Spinners, Arrow and Vector
Micro Jigs, and assorted other terminal tackle and lure options. Regardless of your location or
target species, TT Lures has a complete range of lures to get you hooked up!

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ZMan is rapidly becoming Australia’s favourite soft plastic lure and there’s a few reasons why.
Their 10X TOUGH ElaZtech construction means they stand up better to pickers and toothy
critters, making them excellent value for money, but it also means they can be rigged in a wide
variety of ways without destroying the lure. Even though they’re tough the ElaZtech is also
super-soft and flexible, so it feels extremely realistic and the fish keep coming back until they
find the hook. Another advantage of ElaZtech is its in-built buoyancy that allows you to rig your
ZMan plastics to fish the surface, or weight them to fish the deepest depths, while creating a tailup
action when at rest on the bottom. All of these attributes combine to make ZMan soft plastics
a dynamite choice for anglers, regardless of target species.

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