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The Fishing DVD & FishingDownUnder.TV

The first and best product of its kind in Australia

The Fishing DVD and FishingDownUnder.TV showcases the great fishing we have around this country, and it aims to inspire you to get out doors with family and friends and enjoy what is on offer.

The Fishing DVD and FishingDownUnder.TV also aims to educate anglers at all levels with tips and techniques, brought to you by some of this country’s top fishing identities. All forms of fishing are covered, from bait fishing to lure fishing to fly fishing, and all species from whiting to marlin.

We explore techniques and tactics that can be used in a wide variety of fishing scenarios, and a great many species of fish. Try them on your local waters, they WILL make a big difference to your catch rate. From time to time we will report on a location in depth. Video media is the best way to achieve these goals.

The Fishing DVD website is an important part of this work, as it gives you a chance to interact by giving us your feedback. We read each and every letter and email that comes our way, and in most cases we respond personally to them. With every new DVD that comes out, there is a chance to win some great prizes by entering online on the Competition page.

Our online shop not only sells DVDs and other assorted must have items, but also includes DOWNLOADS. You can brows through a selection of stories from The Fishing DVDs - and some titles that are ONLY available as downloads. These stories can be then directly downloaded to your computer through our shop.
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The Fishing DVD is in a unique position to observe the state of our fisheries country wide, and at times we will be reporting on policies that are achieving success, an area of grave concern that may affect fishing for generations to come.

Thanks for your support, and hope to hear from you in the future.

All the best,
John Haenke

The Fishing DVD is the brain child of John Haenke
- Camera man and Producer of ‘Wildfish’
- Director of Photography on ‘Escape with ET’ in the early years.