The Fishing DVD #4

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The Fishing DVD #4 
STORIES INCLUDE: - Lure Casting for Impoundment Barra with Steve Starling - Hervey Bay Maniacs - Trout in small streams on Dry Fly - Mangrove Jacks on Lures - Narooma Soft Plastics - Rosco/Yamaha Field Test

Reading a great fishing magazine can sometimes be the next best thing to actually going fishing... But here's something even BETTER than a printed magazine!

The Fishing DVD #4 is jam-packed with action, information, tips, destinations and product reviews... and you don't have to read it! In just over two hours of spectacular, high-definition vision, this broadcast-quality "DVD Magazine" brings it all to your lounge room, den, holiday house, offi ce or laptop computer - whenever and wherever YOU choose to view! Watch it all, from start to finish, or choose the stories and segments you like most, then view them over and over, at your leisure. Re-wind, slow mo', freeze frame and fast-forward to all the juicy bits...

See below for details about the stories appearing on the FDVD #4



Lure Casting for Impoundment Barra
with Steve Starling & Jason Wilhelm

In an action-packed segment that will forever change the way you think about impoundment barramundi, Starlo and his mate, ABT BARRA champ' Jason Wilhelm, cast lures for big bruisers in QLD's Lake Awoonga. Not only do Starlo and Jas' prove it can be done — even in daylight hours and a stiff sou' easter — they also land some rippers and impart a swag of priceless tips on cracking the dam barra code! It's ground-breaking stuff...



Hervey Bay Maniacs
With Ed Vander Kruk and Dave Ingrey

Lying at the crossroads between the tropical north and temperate south, Hervey Bay is renowned for its incredibly diverse fishing opportunities. On their latest visit, Ed Vander Kruk and Dave Ingrey soon discovered that all you need is a fistful of Maniac and Raider lures to jig and spin for feisty tuna, mackerel, trevally and reef fish.



Trout in small streams on Dry Fly
with Peter Morse

Mid summer in the Snowy Mountains is a wonderful time to be there. Peter Morse and Steve Williamson get into some great small stream dry fly trout fishing using fine and light fly rods. There’s plenty of great information here and some excellent small stream fishing for those who love the high country and also plenty for those who might be interested in learning the fine art of fly fishing for trout with dry flies!!!



Mangrove Jacks on Lures

Mangrove Jacks are a favourite sportfish for many anglers, and it's no wonder as they can be a challenge to hook, and an even bigger one to bring to the boat. Shannon Watson and Michael Geary, show us tips and techniques on catching these feisty fish casting lures around snags. Sid Boshammer and Mark Bargenquast target Jacks trolling and casting around rock bars, found with the help of a Lowrance sounder.



Narooma Soft Plastics:
with Steve Starling

Starlo and Tyson Dethridge catch up with their good mate, gun fishing guide Stuart Hindson, for some soft plastic action on Narooma's beautiful Wagonga Inlet. Bream on un-weighted surface plastics and monster flathead on jigs make this an unforgettable, spectacular and highly educational segment for anyone who enjoys southern estuary sport fishing!



Rosco/Yamaha Field Test:
with Steve Starling

Starlo plies the dark, tranquil waters of Brogo Dam in southern NSW chasing a few Aussie bass and putting a wonderful, lightweight one- or two-man boating rig through its paces.

The Rosco Bass Catcher Xtream canoe and 2.5HP Yamaha four-stroke outboard are ideal for this sort of sneaky back country work, and Steve explains exactly why.



Sand Whiting on Wriggler Worms
with Leeann & Rob Payne

Leeann & Rob take their two young nieces on a readily accessible family angling adventure; digging for wriggler worms around Moreton Bay, then chasing delicious sand or summer whiting on the Gold Coast's busy Nerang River. This one's a must-see story for anyone who enjoys taking kids fishing, or loves catching big whiting! Yum!



Eagle Fishing tips
with Scott Amon

Cobia are a popular sportfish, and Scott Amon and Terry Dunphy show us how easy it to target these fish. Find out how to use the sounder to locate the bait schools and the big pelagics that follow them, and the downrigger to get the bait to the right depth. Included is the GPS mark for a Cobia Hot Spot at South West Rocks.




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