The Fishing DVD #30

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The Fishing DVD #30 
STORIES INCLUDE: - PERMIT: - The Ultimate Fly Challenge - MT ISA - The Inland Fishery - Hydrowave Barra - Bass - Dams & Overflows - Camp Island - Swim Baits

Reading a great fishing magazine can sometimes be the next best thing to actually going fishing... But here's something even BETTER than a printed magazine!

The Fishing DVD #30 is jam-packed with action, information, tips, destinations and product reviews... and you don't have to read it! In just over two hours of spectacular, high-definition vision, this broadcast-quality "DVD Magazine" brings it all to your lounge room, den, holiday house, offi ce or laptop computer - whenever and wherever YOU choose to view! Watch it all, from start to finish, or choose the stories and segments you like most, then view them over and over, at your leisure. Re-wind, slow mo', freeze frame and fast-forward to all the juicy bits...

See below for details about the stories appearing on the FDVD#30


The Ultimate Fly Challenge  

PERMIT: - The Ultimate Fly Challenge
with John Haenke and Mark Bargenquast

John chronicles the long personal journey of discovery involved in tracking down, working out and finally catching his very first Indo-Pacific permit on fly along the Queensland east coast... Those who share the dream of landing the fly fishing world's ultimate prize will find this to be an inspirational and highly instructional story!

> Yamaha
> Temple Fork Rods

The Inland Fishery  

MT ISA - The Inland Fishery
with Steve Starling

Join us as we travel far inland to the outback mining town of Mt Isa, sample the big barra in nearby Lake Moondarra, then journey north to what must be one of the prettiest waterways in Australia for some fantastic family fishing action on the big, hard-fighting sooty grunter of Lake Julius.

> Daiwa
> Lure Project Lures
> Argylla Caravan Park

Hydrowave Barra  

Hydrowave Barra
with Jason Wilhelm & Carl Jocumsen

Queensland's stocked barra impoundments are bouncing back nicely after the big floods of 2010/11 and are beginning to produce some great fishing once again. Join Jas' Wilhelm and Carl Jocumsen as they visit two very different waterways and show exactly how to target dam-dwelling barra under dramatically varying circumstances. Along the way, the boys also show off the new Hydrowave sound-emitting system: an electronic device that broadcasts the recorded sounds of bait and crustaceans directly into the water, exciting all manner of predators...

> Squidgy

Bass - Dams & Overflows  

Bass - Dams & Overflows
Shannon Watson

Events on the land effect events in the water, especially when a stocked impoundment overflows releasing large numbers of fish into the rivers below. Shannon Watson makes the journey from the dam to the river and shares his tips for successful fishing along the way.

> Daiwa
> Lucky Craft Lures


Camp Island - Swim Baits for Spanish Mackerel  

Camp Island - Swim Baits for Spanish Mackerel
Mark Bargenquast & Dan Kaggelis

Trolling baits successfully for big spanish mackerel is an art, but as you will see – it is well worth the effort. In this big fish story, you'll see how it is all done. You will also learn the art of rigging swim baits. Lots of action, heaps of information, just the thing to get you on the right track and out among them!

> Daiwa
> Mustad
> Cross Country Boats

Sydney Fishing - Burley & Bait  

Sydney Fishing - Burley & Bait
Shannon Watson & Alex Bellissimo

Sydney has some great fishing venues, and with fresh bait and burley, you can soon collect a good feed of fish. On a whirlwind trip around Sydney's beautiful beaches and rocky headlands, you'll learn how to catch worms, gather fresh bait and how to attract the fish to your location. A winning combination where ever you fish.

> Daiwa
> Mustad
> Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park
> Alex Belissimo


Daiwa - Drag Maintenance

Inconsistent or sticky drags can often be overlooked in the rush just to get out and go fishing. However, doing so can possibly cost you that fish of a life time. Knowing how to maintain your drag is quite simple, and won't take you long at all. After watching this video you will be servicing your drags regularly and then you'll fish with confidence.

> Daiwa

Yamaha - New F200 Motor
Dan Power

Yamaha have just released their class leading new 200 hp engine, and a newly redesigned propeller that will set a new bench mark for others to try and follow.

> Yamaha

Car Topper Boats
John Haenke

Those hard to reach fishing locations are now within reach thanks to a new, lighter car topper range of boats that have a range of features standard boats lack.



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