The Fishing DVD #2

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The Fishing DVD #2 
STORIES INCLUDE: - Queensland Impoundment Barramundi - Sydney Fly Fishing with Peter Morse - Beach Fishing - Offshore Fishing - Soft Plastic Estuary Fishing with Steve Starling - Gorge Country Murray Cod

Reading a great fishing magazine can sometimes be the next best thing to actually going fishing... But here's something even BETTER than a printed magazine!

The Fishing DVD #2 is jam-packed with action, information, tips, destinations and product reviews... and you don't have to read it! In just over two hours of spectacular, high-definition vision, this broadcast-quality "DVD Magazine" brings it all to your lounge room, den, holiday house, offi ce or laptop computer - whenever and wherever YOU choose to view! Watch it all, from start to finish, or choose the stories and segments you like most, then view them over and over, at your leisure. Re-wind, slow mo', freeze frame and fast-forward to all the juicy bits...

See below for details about the stories appearing on the FDVD #2


  Queensland Impoundment Barramundi

Catching a monster Barra is high on most anglers wish list! Queenslands Barra impoundments are where people are heading to try their luck and test their skills, to land one of the big ones.

With well over 20 dams stocked with Barra through out Queensland, barra fishing has never been more accessible. But don’t believe the old wives tales that impoundment barra don’t fight hard, this story explodes this myth, and shows the pulling power, acrobatics and general dirty tricks employed by these fit and fast fish.

Legendary fishing identity Jack Erskine teams up with Lindsey Dobe and Ed Vander Kruk on Lake Proserpine for some sizzling barra action, while we also get behind the facts and people behind the Qld impoundment barra story.

Ed used Daiwa fishing rods and reels, and most of our fish were caught on Killalure Barra Baits and Classics. Even though we were fishing in heavy timber, we didn’t lose any of these great lures, because we used a Strikeback Tackle Retriever.

If you would like any information on the Stocked Impoundment Scheme, or fishing regulations, visit the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries website on:

  Sydney Fly Fishing with Peter Morse

Proudly Brought to you by Fly Life Magazine Sydney is built around one of the world’s most beautiful harbours, providing a stunning backdrop for anglers fishing in this vast waterway. Peter Morse and Justin Duggan from Sydney Flyfishing Tours find that although surrounded by this massive city, the waterways are healthy and the fishing is still extremely good, with pelagics such as Bonito, Tailor and Australian Salmon still in plentiful supply and more than ready to take a well presented fly.

Peter uses Redington rods and reels, which are available at all good tackle shops: For more information on this great product, go to

If you are interested in finding out more about Fly Life Magazine, or would like to subscribe visit

If you’re in Sydney and into fishing, don’t forget to drop into Ottos Fishy Business. He’s got an excellent range of product, and the boys always know what’s on the bite and where! You’ll find Ottos at 139 Victoria Road, Drummoyne or give him a ring on 02 9819 6522.

Sydney Flyfishing Tours;


  Beach Fishing with Steve Starling, Leeann & Rob Payne

Beach fishing is a favourite pastime for many Australians, but it does require some skill in reading the beach, and finding the fresh bait that fish find irresistible. Leeann and Rob Payne join well-known fishing identity Steve Starling on a trip fishing to some of Queenslands beautiful beaches, and give us all the tips and information we need to make our next beach fishing trip a sure fire success.


  Offshore Fishing

Fresh bait can often make all the difference when fishing offshore, and live bait even more so. Finding the bait schools is easy using a Lowrance Sounder combine that with a sure fire rig and a Scotty down rigger to get the bait in front of the noses of the big fish, you have a deadly combination for a successful days fishing. Ed Vander Kruk shows Peta Walter how to find, catch and rig baits, and the use of downriggers when trolling inshore reefs, to catch anything from Snapper to Kingfish.

if you're in Noosa drop in and see Ed and Shannon at Hooked on Angling


  Soft Plastic Estuary Fishing with Steve Starling

Squidgy Soft Plastic guru, Steve Starling, gives us all the tips and techniques for fishing estuaries such as the mighty Clarence River, which can produce a wide variety of fish, from Bream and Flathead to Mangrove Jack.


  Gorge Country Murray Cod

The gorge country of the Severn River in Northern New South Wales, provides an ideal habitat for the Murray Cod, and a spectacular backdrop for anglers lucky enough to fish for these remarkable native fish. Leeann and Rob Payne give Shannon Watson tips and techniques on how to catch these mighty fish on lures.

As well as all the fishing , we have an interesting feature on Yamaha outboard motors, and tips on using an Eagle Sounder.



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