The Fishing DVD #5

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The Fishing DVD #5 
STORIES INCLUDE: - NT Jewies & Queenies with Justin Jones - Mulwala Murray Cod - Top Water Bream - Baitfish & Predators - Cania Dam with Starlo - Salmon on the Rocks with Starlo

Reading a great fishing magazine can sometimes be the next best thing to actually going fishing... But here's something even BETTER than a printed magazine!

The Fishing DVD #5 is jam-packed with action, information, tips, destinations and product reviews... and you don't have to read it! In just over two hours of spectacular, high-definition vision, this broadcast-quality "DVD Magazine" brings it all to your lounge room, den, holiday house, offi ce or laptop computer - whenever and wherever YOU choose to view! Watch it all, from start to finish, or choose the stories and segments you like most, then view them over and over, at your leisure. Re-wind, slow mo', freeze frame and fast-forward to all the juicy bits...

See below for details about the stories appearing on the FDVD #5



NT Jewies & Queenies
with Justin Jones & Nigel Webster

Jewies or mulloway (both the southern and northern varieties) are a dream fish, keenly sought after by many frustrated anglers. A trip to the Northern Territory and some local guidance soon put Nigel onto some solid black jewies, proving you don't always have to do the hard yards to hook up on one of these highly-prized fish. Throw in some great popper action with chrome-plated queenies and you come up with a day's fishing that won't be easily forgotten!


Mulwala Murray Cod
with Peta Walter & Roger Miles

Lake Mulwala, on the mighty Murray River, is the home to a healthy population of Australia's largest native freshwater fish; the legendary Murray Cod. Finding cod in this expansive body of water can be a daunting challenge... and landing a big one amongst all that drowned timber is even tougher!


Top Water Bream
with Shannon Watson & Michael Geary

Bream are a favourite species, targeted by anglers right around the nation, and they can be found in almost all of our estuaries. In this information-packed story, Michael Geary, a prize-winning ABT Tournament angler, shares his tips and techniques on catching these feisty little fish. As you'll discover, sighting bream and then casting hard-bodied lures at them can produce some great top-water action!


Baitfish & Predators
with Peter Morse & Ed Vander Kruk

“Where you find the food, you’ll find the predators” is a rule of fishing that should never be ignored. Peter Morse and friends travel to the inside flats of Fraser Island, where they find both the bait and the hunters. Witness exciting, visual flats action on big queenfish through the high tide, then head offshore on a falling tide to mix it with schools of tuna and scad feeding on whitebait... and a BIG surprise in the form of a cracking cobia!


Cania Dam
with Starlo & The Paynes

Steve 'Starlo' Starling joins Leeann and Robert Payne to explore beautiful Cania Gorge Dam, in south eastern Queensland. The trio discover some healthy schools of suspended bass and suss' out how best to target them on plastics and hard-bodies, while also sampling the delight's of Cania's resident saratoga. This one is jam-packed with tips!


Salmon on the Rocks
with Starlo

Starlo's at it again, this time chucking Spanyid metal lures from the stones in southern NSW, hunting those hard-fighting Australian salmon. As well as providing some valuable fishing tips, watching this segment just might save your life!

Yamaha Tips with Gary Howard

EAGLE over Lenthalls with Starlo & Nigel Webster
Starlo and his mate Nigel Webster are chasing impoundment bass from a little car-topper tinnie on Lake Lenthalls, near Maryborough, QLD. They're greatly assisted in this task by the use of a brilliant (and very affordable!) portable depth sounder kit from EAGLE Electronics.

Daiwa Casting Tips with Shannon Watson


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