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Info On 2 - Fishing Estuaries with Lures

This 'best of' DVD is the second in a series of info on recreational fishing. It’s a must have  for anyone fishing estuarries - it covers lures and soft plastics. The techniques shown here can be applied to fishing for estuaries anywhere in Australia.



Narooma Soft Plastics
- Steve Starling

Starlo and Tyson Dethridge catch up with their good mate, gun fishing guide Stuart Hindson, for some soft plastic action on Narooma's beautiful Wagonga Inlet. Bream on un-weighted surface plastics and monster flathead on jigs make this an unforgettable, spectacular and highly educational segment for anyone who enjoys southern estuary sport fishing!

Pop Goes The Whiting!
- Steve Starling

Catching whiting, flathead and bream on poppers in our southern estuaries is one of the most exciting new trends in Australian sport fishing. Join Steve Starling and the man who started it all, "Captain" Kev Gleed, as they show you exactly how to crack this amazing technique; both from a boat and while wading the flats... This one is dynamite!

- Steve Starling & Chris Cleaver

Starlo joins Chris Cleaver for a morning's soft plastic fishing on some of Sydney's busiest and most heavily-pressured urban estuaries. The mind-blowing action they encounter — on Jewish, kingies, trevally, bream and flathead — is sure to amaze and astound most viewers, and stands as a testament to what's possible with good management of our aquatic resources.

- Steve Starling & Andrew Badullovich

Starlo and his mate Andrew enjoy the sort of amazing mega-flathead and school mulloway session on the Clyde River in southern NSW, that would make most southern estuary anglers green with envy. Better still, they show exactly how and when you can tap into this sort of action yourself; on your own local estuary system!


- Andrew Badullovich & Paul Seward

Estuary fishing is the staple for most Australian anglers: north or south. Even when the weather is foul, you can almost always find a protected spot in one of our many coastal estuaries that will provide a few fish and often a nice meal. In this instructive segment, Andrew Badullovich takes an in-depth look at the variety on offer in just one NSW South Coast estuary.

- Steve Starling

This is one of the best and most down-to-earth instructional pieces you are ever likely to see on catching popular southern estuary species in shallow water on soft plastic lures! If you can't go out and catch yourself a feed of flathead, trevally, bream, tailor, small snapper or a host of other species after watching this one, then it's seriously time to think about taking up golf... As Starlo likes to say "it ain't rocket science"... but if you get it wrong you can still miss out. Here, Steve clearly explains how to get it right!


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