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Our Caninghi is equipped with Yamaha's 2.5hp 4 stroke tiller steer engine as well as an electric motor.

The Yamaha F2.5A is the smallest engine in the Yamaha four stroke range. The F2.5A utilizes a single cylinder, liquid cooled power unit that is extremely compact in its design. The addition of this Yamaha motor has widened the scope of what we can do in our little Caninghi. Large bodies of water can now be covered easily, yet we have all the stealth and manoeuvrability to fish those tight waters where the fish live.

With its light weight and small size, hooking up the Yamaha 2.5 4 stroke to the boat is very simple and requires little strength and no back problems. When it comes time to pack it away all you need worry about is that the petrol cap is tight, and it fits easily into your cars' boot.
Engine Type - 4-Stroke, OHV In-line 1
Displacement - 72 cc
Bore x Stroke - 56 x 31.5 mm
Recommended Max RPM - 5250-5750
Lubrication System - Splash lubrication system
Ignition - TCI
Starter System - Manual
Operation Method - Tiller handle
Trim & Tilt Method - Manual Tilt
Weight - - F2.5AMHS : 17 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.9 Litre
Yamaha Website - yamaha-motor.com.au
Performance and reliability - this engine will get you there & bring you back. Yamaha have fully trained technicians Australia wide, and have stock of the highest quality genuine parts.

We have been using Yamaha motors for over 25 years in some of the most rugged and testing environments.