Yamaha - 40 hp Tiller Steer

Yamaha 40hp Tiller Steer

Yamaha 40hp Tiller Steer

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Yamaha 40hp Tiller Steer
Our TABS 4.2 metre Bullshark is equiped with Yamaha's 40hp 4 stroke tiller steer engine.

This model comes standard with Yamaha’s Multi Function Tiller Handle that features a state of the art design, easy access to trim and tilt and a variable speed trolling switch.

Everything is at your finger tips, and trolling at slow speeds has never been so easy to control. Placing the lure exactly where you want it is made easy with this versatlie engine.
Engine Type - 4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 3
Displacement - 747cc
Bore x Stroke - 65 x 75 mm
Recommended Max RPM - 5500 - 6000
Lubrication System - Wet-sump
Ignition - DC-CDI
Starter System - Electric
Operation Method - Tiller handle (EHD, EHT)
Trim & Tilt Method - Power trim & tilt (ET, EHT)
Weight - - F40FETL    : 99 kg
- F40FEHDL : 102 kg
- F40FEHTL : 104 kg
Yamaha Website - yamaha-motor.com.au

  Performance and reliability - this engine will get you there & bring you back.

Yamaha have fully trained technicians Australia wide, and have stock of the highest quality genuine parts. We have been using Yamaha motors for over 25 years in some of the most rugged and testing environments.