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Yamaha 4 stroke ideal for fishing

Yamaha 6hp Four Stroke

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YAMAH F200F - 227kg

Our new Cross Country Car Topper is propelled along with this great 6 HP motor from Yamaha.

Transporting portable motors has been a bit of a hassle in the past. No longer! This F6C Yamaha has Yamaha’s unique oil leak prevention system which allows you to transport the engine on either side or its front without leaking engine oil.

This means worry free transport in a car boot and hassle free storage.

This motor has its own 1.1 litre internal fuel tank - perfect for a morning's fishing. However extended trips are easy with the option of having an external fuel tank. No extra fittings are needed on the engine - just switch the fuel cock to external tank and go fishing for the rest of the day!

Engine Type - 4-Stroke, OHV In-line 1
Displacement - 139 cc
Bore x Stroke - 62 x 46 mm
Recommended Max RPM - 4500-5500
Lubrication System - Wet Sump
Ignition - CDI
Starter System - Manual Choke
Operation Method - Tiller handle
Trim & Tilt Method - Manual Tilt - 3 troll position
Weight - 27 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.1 Litre internal + External tank
Yamaha Website - yamaha-motor.com.au


SECURITY - Smart Lock
Yamaha outboards are valuable pieces of high-quality kit. That's why Yamaha have developed a strong, ingenious range of high security locks to protect them from theft.

Yamaha Outboards
Performance and reliability - this engine will get you there & bring you back. Yamaha have fully trained technicians Australia wide, and have stock of the highest quality genuine parts. We have been using Yamaha motors for over 25 years in some of the most rugged and testing environments.