Float Tube

The Cumberland Float Tube is an extremely cost effective way of getting yourself on the water.


Check out this cost effective way of getting yourself on the water, to access and enjoy fishing in places you had never imagined before!

You don’t need a trailer, in fact you don’t need a car, you can just backpack it into your favourite fishing spot, or some of those places you thought were too hard to access with conventional watercraft.
By propelling the tube and steering with the fins, your hands are free to fish - positioning for casts at bank-side vegetation, snags and rock bars couldn’t be easier.
Cumberland float tubes are small and compact weighing around 8 kilos, they come with their own high thrust, heavy duty step in fins, and shoulder straps for back packing. The float-tubes also have a heavy duty PVC bottom, and adjustable seat that sits high on the water and there’s plenty of room for tackle and fishing bits in the side pockets.
They’re extremely comfortable and manoeuvrable, require very little effort to propel and are great fun to fish out of, check them out!