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Fishing Gear

Daiwa Daiwa fishing gear
The Fishing DVD have been using Daiwa fishing gear since DVD #1, and we have been more than pleased with the results.

To cover the full Australian angling experience, we fish for everything from whiting to marlin, trout to tuna and have found the perfect tackle for the job within the Daiwa range.

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Yamaha Yamaha Outboard Excellence
Big power, proven reliability and maximum fuel economy - there is no better choice.

Unrivalled efficiency, smooth and powerful. Great all rounders that make your boating life easy.

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Isuzu Isuzu D-MAX and the Fishing DownUnder
The team at The Fishing DVD have been given the opportunity by Isuzu Ute Australia, to use one of their vehicles on some of our recent shoots.

The Isuzu D-Max 4x4 Crew Ute has a 3.0 litre turbo-diesel, in-line 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve motor, promising powerful towing capabilities, economy, reliability as well as a comfortable ride.

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Mustad - best selling hook on the planet. Mustad - best selling hook on the planet.

Mustad is the best selling hook brand on the planet and has a presence in more than 160 countries.

Mustad products cover any discipline of sport and commercial fishing, industrial as well as traditional fishing.

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HYDROWAVE - IGNITE A FISHING FRENZY Hydrowave - Ignite a Fishing Frenzy

The HydroWave™ is a patented electronic sound device that emits the natural sounds of bait fish and predatory fish feeding on them. Together the sounds produce an instinctive response in nearby predatory fish. The predatory fish can hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of the sound waves in the water. Predatory Fish include Barramundi, Bream, Jewfish, Mackerel, Coral Trout, Trevally, Bass, Cod, Yellowbelly and more. By hearing the sounds and feeling the vibrations the fish are drawn in the direction of the HydroWave more eager to strike bait. This device is intended to give fishermen a considerable advantage in catching a greater number of “keeper fish”

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MAKO Eyewear and Fishing DownUnder MAKO Eyewear and Fishing DownUnder

Since the early 1980’s the Australian brand Mako Eyewear has been producing high quality polarised sunglasses. From humble beginnings MAKO quickly became an iconic Australian brand due to their focus on quality and innovation. By focusing on the marine market the quality of MAKO was quickly recognised as there is no other environment as harsh on eyewear. The marine market and proliferation of the brand into other sporting markets also demanded unparalleled lens technology and again MAKO delivered.

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BIG4 Holiday Parks BIG4 Holiday Parks

BIG4 Holiday Parks of Australia offer you the best parks in the best locations

If you are looking for an accommodation experience that has got it all – BIG4 Holiday Parks are just the answer. At over 180 locations across Australia, whether you are looking for a city stay, seaside escape, country retreat, farm stay, overnight stay, family holiday or touring holiday – BIG4 offers a unique holiday experience.

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Todd Fishing Solutions EJ Todd

EJ Todd is a wholesaler supplying over 400 fishing and tackle speciality shops around Australia.

A fourth generation family business, it was established before World War II, around 1936, by Edward James Todd.

Edward was later joined by his son Athol, and today his grandson Graham is at the helm with his wife Pam. Two of their children Bryan and Belinda joined in 2001 and 2009 respectively.


Shimano and Squidgies Shimano Lure Project

The Shimano Lure Project Med Minnow is a lure that was selected for its amazing twitching action and the ability to pause in front of a hungry Bream. With already several tournament wins and places under its name the Med Minnow will end up being a favorite in most Break anglers tackle boxes, and for good reason. 



When fishing fresh or saltwater, on the surface or down on the reefy bottom, when fishing for pan size or hoodlums - there will be a Squidgy soft plastic and jig head suitable for the task.