How to Download

How to download videos from Fishing Downunder

Getting the most from Fishing Down Under.TV

Watching your .AVI fishing video

Zipped files

Your .AVI fishing video can be played on your:

1. TV via the DVD player
2. Computer

and with easy to use FREE software...

3. iPad & iPhone
4. Android tablets & phones


Dealing with .ZIP files

Zipped files

Your fishing video is packed in a .ZIP file.

Double click it, and your computers software will show the .AVI file inside.
Drag and drop, OR save the file to your desktop for now.

If your computer will not open the file, DON'T WORRY, just download and install this free software:


Watching your fishing video on TV

Zipped files
Easy - you won't need any special movie maker software.

1. Insert a blank CD/DVD into your computer.
2. Save the file/s to the CD/DVD and burn.
( This is also a good way to have a back-up hard copy of your purchases.)
3. Play on your TV's DVD player and enjoy.


Watching on your computer

Zipped files

Double click on the .AVI file icon and your computer will play the file with your default movie player.

If your default player will not open the file, DON'T WORRY, upgrade on your player, OR just download and install this FREE software:
VLC is a simple, fast and powerful media player.
Plays everything.


Converting your .AVI fishing video

Zipped files

We chose to keep things simple and file sizes small when choosing a format for our downloads.

We believe the AVI file is the easiest sollution for watching these fishing videos on the big screen.
We understand that with the variety of devices available, you may need to convert your download to another format. This is easily and freely done without harming your original AVI file

To convert your file to use it on your Apple or android devices, simply drag and drop your AVI file into a media converter, select your output file format and press go!

Here is a link to MIRO Converter, one of many free software applications available for you to use


*** Additional Notes for iPad Users***

Download the story on your Mac or PC, then use one of the simple apps listed above to convert it to an acceptable iPad format.

Drop the converted file into iTunes on your Mac or PC, and share with your iPad.