Pelagics & Turbo Crawz Mayhem!

Most summer species have been arriving late this year, probably due to the cooler temperatures we’re still experiencing. As soon as we get a good run of warmer weather things should really start to pick up.

Having said this though, there have been schools of Mac Tuna and small longtails in Platypus Bay, feeding on very small baitfish, along with a few XOS cobia. There are also school mackerel in the mix, chasing the baitfish and providing some good light tackle action..

On the freshwater scene, Bass are really firing at the moment, with plenty of surface action for those willing to make a really early start. Dane Radosevic and I had an unbelievable session recently, fishing with some of TT’s Z-Man Turbo Craw.  When fished slowly it’s a great imitation of a frog, or it can be burnt across the surface to trigger a reaction bite, often producing spectacular explosive surface strikes. A top water session I don’t think either of us will ever forget. It was one of those muggy mornings with a storm brewing in the distance, the kind of thing that often triggers a hot bite.

We were filming the whole session, and Dane gives some excellent information on rigging and techniques with the TT range of lures – so watch this space and we’ll let you know when you can see the footage – it’s mind blowing!

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J.H. 4/11/16