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The Drysdale - A Remote River

The Drysdale – A Remote River

The spectacular Kimberley region is the last fishing frontier left around the Australian coast line. This relatively uninhabitated corner of North Western Australia remains today as it was thousands of years ago. It’s previously unreachable waters are now being opened up by the wonders of aviation. Rod Harrison and friends fly with Alligator Airways into a remote fish filled Kimberley River. They trace this water from where it flows out of the ochre hills, through a spectacular gorge, befor spreading into a mangrove flanked delta and eventually merging, between glistening white sands, with the Timor Sea. This is the hottest mangrove jack water you can imagine. But there are also Barramundi, high flying queenfish and giant trevally that pull like a bionic dentist. This is wild as it happens fishing!

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