Change of Seasons

Spring is here and Summer is on the way! Daytime temperatures are in the high 20s, and water temps are also on the rise, getting up to the mid 20s.

We’ve had some great flats fishing over the past couple of weeks, with Permit being consistently caught in less than knee deep water. There were numbers of mega-sized fish in the shallows, one in particular was feeding hard with its back and tail exposed – unfortunately it didn’t eat the crab fly that was cast to it…

The northerly winds are starting to kick in, which probably means the end of the Permit season until next year.

It’s time to start focusing on summer species, and I’ll be putting some time into chasing Bass and Flathead over the next week. Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon are starting to make an appearance, with a good run of pelagic also showing up in Hervey Bay.

J.H. 9/10/16