The Flats are Firing! 16/09/16

Fishing the flats this week with Dane Radosevic and Taz Jefferys, we had an absolute pearler – blue sky, light south easter, sight casting gin clear water!


At different stages of the tide big GTs and Queenfish were cast to with large stick baits. Learnt a lesson with this though, they can be very spooky around large lures in clear shallow water. The GTs ignored them, and the Queenies buzzed all over them on a couple of casts, but just would not eat.


Also saw some Mack Tuna up on the flats, and landed one on a plastic in deeper water.
We were on a mission though, Dane hadn’t caught a Permit on fly before, and that was the main aim of the trip. We spotted more Permit than I have ever seen anywhere over the couple of days we were there, as usual they were tough to get a bite out of. We ended up with 2 hook-ups, one pulled hook, another couple of bites without a hook-up, and then Dane landed his first sight cast Permit -– a great achievement for any fly angler.

The following day had more tide movement, the Permit were moving much faster over the shallows and were harder to get a good presentation to – very frustrating, but that’s Permit fishing!
Danes final comment sums it up:
“Why did you introduce me to these bleeping fish!” immediately followed by: “When’s the next set of good tides?” He’s hooked!

I still have some dates on good tides available, so contact me if you want to get amongst some great fishing – 0418 187618.
Cheers JH